We are a small independent game studio.
Take a look what we have done so far and what are we working on right now.

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Games made in 48 hours


Hyperbolic Magnetism is a small indie game studio based in the Czech Republic. It was founded many years ago by two young guys (Lokiman and Split) who were so fascinated with a technology, programming and graphics used by game developers that they decided to become one of them. And so it started with a dream but we did our best to make it real. With just two men crew we are really happy to be the part of this community for such a long time.

Speaking of our history, Hyperbolic Magnetism's roots can be traced all the way to Poprad, Slovakia when in late '90s we officially joined forces for the first time. This was when we were on a high school and we already did some previous collaborations but it was during those years when we truly experienced the joy which comes with the process of creating our own game within a team. At first we started experimenting with then so popular VGA graphics PC games because it was something which can be done even in a small team. We created several games since then, but never released any to public. We did it in similar way during our university years but we moved completely to 3D. It was fun and we learned a lot.

The biggest change in our lives was when Apple launched the App Store and we realized that this could be our chance. We quit our jobs and started an amazing journey with mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices. It is like starting all over again and we feel really excited to deliver our new games into this relatively fresh ecosystem.


If you have any idea, suggestion or if you just want to say hello, don’t hasitate and write us.

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